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Infexious Quarantined

(Event Date: 2016-07-07)
2016-07-04 22:02:53

We're holding a Street Fighter V (PS4) exhibition tournament during the Manchester Gaming Arena launch in the Trafford Centre on Thursday 7th of July. The title of the tournament Infexious Quarantined should adequately describe its theme; with world known Rize player Infexious in attendance and gunning for first place - it's up to you to stop him.


There will be prizes to be won with the LucidSound LS30 Wireless Headset among others from HP, GAME and more. The tournament begins at 6:30pm sharp so please be there at least 20 minutes prior to signing up and bringing the action! Given such short notice we understand not everyone can make this event -- but don't worry, this is an test-run-of-sorts. We will be bringing more competitions from the same venue throughout the year including events dedicated to the loyal FGC fans and competitors.


We would like to thank GAME and Multiplay for allowing us to be a part of their opening night, we promise to try our very best to make it enjoyable and memorable for everyone in attendance! This article will feature all the updates you will need regarding the format so please keep checking here to get the most up-to-date information regarding the tournament and event itself.


Tournament Information & Rules:

16-24 players
Double Elimination
First to 2 until Upper Bracket Final / Lower Bracket Final
First to 3 in Upper & Lower Bracket Finals
Lower Bracket Winner must reset the bracket in Grand Final (FT3 + FT3)
Balrog & Ibuki are currently banned




Event Staff: HULK GG, Freeman, reF, Princess