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Call of Duty at UMG South Carolina

(Event Date: 2016-02-12)
2016-01-30 15:35:28

With the upcoming UMG South Carolina Event, February 12th-14th, RizeGaming would like to announce that Njoi, RJay, Valor and Rogue will be participating in the open bracket event. Though both Njoi and RJay have competed in 5 major LAN events, this will be Valor and Rogue’s first major offline tournament and their introduction into the professional Call of Duty scene. 


There will be a $100,000 Prize Pool, with a guaranteed $30,000 to the Open Brackets that the Rize squad will be competing. The Open Bracket will start Friday, February 12th at 3pm continuing on until Saturday February 13th at 8am. 


In respect to the upcoming event, Njoi, the captain of the RizeGaming Call of Duty NA Team, had this to say:


'I believe that this will be be an excellent way to promote the team and to gain recognition in the competitive Call of Duty scene. I believe UMG South Carolina will be an event to remember; I hope that this will be a positive learning experience for the team and that we will continue to grow and advance ourselves after the event has concluded.'

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Good luck guys

by  HULK GG2016-01-30 19:06:22