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Nordic Masters Return
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Nordic Masters Return

(Event Date: 2016-02-19)
2016-01-30 16:09:22

The CSGO team will return to the Nordic Masters this year after qualifying for the second time in a row. The Swedish blooded players spent the best part of 2015 with only four consistent players, with the final position being intermittently filled by trialists, and standins.


The boys finally have had chance to play with regular 5th erkenP for around 6 months, giving them a well-timed boost in form and tune-up of more detailed strategies.


As ever the Nordic Masters will feature some big names and the team are confident of yet again matching up to the challenge. Last time around the team narrowly missed out against the eventual winners (Games4u) and runners up Orbit (via overtime).


Despite them finishing 5th overall in the main tournament, the team managed to win the secondary (B) tournament the very next day, earning themselves a cool 8,000SEK for their efforts.


If you're not familiar with our line-up here's a quick reminder:

SONTY (@SontySc) - ackkee (@Rize_ackkee) - SPRAAD - erkenP (@erkenpofficial) - CL0SEBOX


The Groups:

Group 1: RizeGaming - Copenhagen Wolves - Torpedo - Hehe

Group 2: BX3 - Publiclir - Bearix - TBA*

Group 3: Optimum - Resurrection - Inetz - Team Property FE

Group 4: Games4u - Raepmashaekel - Unique Esports - LGB FE


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Good luck, can't wait for this!

by  grillzeE2016-02-07 16:46:11
Best of luck boys!

by  naBs2016-02-02 16:37:55
Good Luck!

by  HULK GG2016-02-02 15:19:27
Wish us luck!

by  ackkee2016-02-02 15:00:02