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Prelude to HEXLAN

2016-09-16 00:59:23

We're absolutely elated to be bringing you our first ever Offline Team Event this weekend. You may have been keeping up to date on our social media channels and noticed that after six-weeks of hard-work we're almost primed for the HEXLAN Manchester - 4v4 Black Ops 3 event on Sunday the 18th at GAME Trafford Centre!


The HEX Project


We've always thrived on competition here at Rize. Sending teams out in various games and platforms to do battle in our name in hope of gaining glory is what we've done since 2009. We enjoy competition so much that it's often been in our nature to invite and challenge teams onto our patch and face off in an extra-curricular cup or league of our design.


At the heart though, we're a club that believes in the development of our teams and teams of the future. We believe that in order to strengthen our roots, we should encourage branching into areas that we've not yet explored. Call of Duty as a console eSport has been a stomping ground of ours since the early days of Black Ops 1. As time moves on the games change ever so slightly and the scene adapts to understanding competitive gaming that the likes of Counter-Strike have known years before it. As a growing industry, and the Call of Duty series rapidly becoming a global eSport phenomenon, there are opportunities for pro clubs and event organisers alike to create more offline tournaments where everyone has a chance to gain experience from.


Taking a look across the Atlantic to our North American headquarters we see similar ethos emerging up and down the United States, where more and more teams gain more ground on their most revered CoD idols.  We want that for our teams as nothing beats the experience of a head-to-head for any team with main stage level ambitions.


Six Teams


hexa- /ˈhɛksə/
combining form, six; having six.


More than just a name, we decided upon six-teams for this event as part of our promise to nurture future talents and give them the best experiences possible. Each team will play against each other at least once in a head to head league table with a play-off decider following.


It's commonplace at most events with a lot more teams, that the attending teams play a minimum of two games across a double elimination bracket. We realise that ultimately this is the way of eSport, but can be unfair for travelling teams who feel that tournament experience is what they need most. This is why at least 5 games will be played in our event via this league and playoff format, to ensure each team has a chance of success, more so than at the larger events ran at each quarter of the year. Our own Amateur team is part of the six teams, as reference to our desire to develop our own home-grown talents. The team are hungry to learn amongst the other teams in attendance with offline experience something they crave.


We hope the event provides the teams who are competing, the extra competitive experience they need to produce the goods at a higher level. A successful event this time, we expect will lead onto further events within the new game.


The official 'HEXLAN Manchester - Intel Dossier' will be posted Saturday with all the team-info and more!