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HEXLAN Team Intel

2016-09-17 22:39:24

It's the night before the event and we're bringing you more Intel on the teams at the HEXLAN Manchester! The teams all play one another in the pre-playoff league and the rosters are looking tasty for a close-run affair. You can tune in to the stream tomorrow with the broadcast scheduled for 12pm start with caster @JohnPee_EU supported by @OdinExcite and @OBN_Voltic! 

Rosters and Info



Emily 'Emzz' Jones - Main AR - Wolverhampton, England 
Kim 'KimmieRiot' Fogg - OBJ -  Manchester, England 
Aklimah 'Angel' Tahir - SMG Support - Leeds, England
Andy 'CMPLXD' Evans - SMG/AR Slayer - Liverpool, England


'As long term members of the Riot Gaming organisation, we're here this weekend to represent them and hopefully take home the prize and prove a point that mixed gender teams can do well! #RiotTooOP' - KimieRiot




Mick 'FFlawzz' Lelieveld - Main Slayer – Den haag Netherlands
David 'IRON1C' Sithole – OBJ – Leeds United Kingdom
Mitchell 'Mitch' Bruce - SMG Slayer - Lincoln, United kingdom
Oscar 'GrunGii' Newbould  - AR/SMG – Leeds United Kingdom

'I am a very experienced player who has attended multiple LANS across Europe, I hope to lead this team to victory. Dream big, achieve big.' - FFlawzz



Dylan 'DylanHickey' Hickey - SMG Slayer - Birmingham, England
Bradley 'BradleyJHaddon' Haddon - AR Slayer - Redditch, Birmingham
Liam 'Virus' Roberts - OBJ - Morecambe, Lancaster
Jake 'BigSwoid'  - AR Slayer - Blackpool

'Check your corners.' - DylanHickey




Michael 'Mikemc757' McMillan - Slayer/OBJ - Barrow-in-Furness, England
Stu 'Sanchez'Boyd - Main AR - Glasgow, Scotland
Daniel 'Cupraah' Sliwinski - SMG/AR OBJ - Preston, England
Aaron 'Moth_xD' Chard - SMG/AR Slayer - Bristol, England

'The Terminal Esports Call of Duty team is hoping to do well this weekend in Manchester at HEXLAN and the team has been putting in the extra hours to try and get that edge on the competition, It may only be a six team event but the players are looking forward to this event and are hoping to do well' - Terminal Esports Management



Adam 'Chedz' Bottomley - AR/SMG Support - Darwn, England
Piotr 'Runner' Dybciak - SMG Main Slayer - Manchester, England
Dean 'Rider' Herbertson - AR, Anchor / OBJ - Manchester, England
Carl 'CARL' Draper - SMG Slayer - County Durham, England


'We believe we could be the underdogs going into this as a few well established teams are attending. But if we turn up. We can win it' - Ched





Luke 'Bidz' Biddle - OBJ Slayer- Liverpool
Kian 'Keza' Bonser - AR Slayer - West Midlands, England
Shane 'Addiction' Tatum - AR - London, England
Jack 'Swift' Lee  - SMG Slayer - London, England


'With the only offline LAN experience being from myself, the team hope to convert their great online potential onto the Offline stage, gaining vital experience for future events and our aspirations.' - Bidz


That's the teamsheets details, all is left is for you at home to sit back and pick your winner! Brackets will be posted on our twitter @RizeGamingPro