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RedBull | Double KO "The Champions"
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Red Bull 5G North Final
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Red Bull 5G North Final

(Event Date: 2016-10-09)
2016-10-08 17:50:21

It was a good turn out for the Rize boys in the Red Bull 5G North v South Qualifiers held over on ESL a few weeks back. Both Infexious and Cobelcog took two of the four 1st places up for grabs in the online tournament, securing themselves qualification for the Offline event in Manchester this coming Sunday.


Cobelcog is actually unable to attend, despite qualifying - leaving Infexious, the proclaimed King of the North to try and win the competition and move onto the Grand Finals of the competition.


Infexious (Zangief) playing Spizder (Ken) online.


We have high hopes for Infexious as often proved at local Northern events not many can come close. The other competitiors, according to the qualification results, are Shakz, Suleymon and we assume Afii (given that Cobelcog cannot make it and Afii had finished 2nd). Each one of the other competitors pose a threat to our grappling 'gief, however we believe his all-action style can bring back the glory in his hometown.