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ELFM April
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The epicDota Weekend
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The epicDota Weekend

(Event Date: 2016-10-15)
2016-10-12 18:25:39

It's another big weekend starting Friday as the Dota2 team take their new-look lineup to epicLAN 19. The team have had plenty preparation with captain crusH skipping i58 and concentrating on Austrian partnership Respawn Esports Bar and gaining extra training-time with his team of Lyr1cs, nothingspec1al, Ouker and Spokey.


The squad has tonnes of potential and we tip our guys to take home gold at the event in Kettering, Northamptonshire. We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank The IT Buffs for providing us with equipment at such late notice, and Respawn Esports Bar who are our Austrian partner giving their backing to us and local crusH during the event.


I spoke with the captain crusH and this is what he had to say -


"The last time I visited the UK for Dota2 we only had 3-4 weeks to prepare a new squad, for i57. We've had more time to prepare with this new line-up and is really the first time we can fully show what we can do. From our practise sessions and scrims we feel fully confident of winning the tournament. I won't ever guarantee 1st place at an event with my experience that anything can happen, but the team feel good and I am sure if everything goes to plan, this is our event."


He's not wrong either, with the i57 team taking 3rd place it was a muted feeling given the team felt like the top seed there and were disappointed not to win it. Esports can be a very unforgiving place for bad luck and for crusH and the team, they know that all they can do is put their online performances into action and hope that it will be enough to get what they deserve.


After the event, we hope to work with Respawn Esports Bar, who have helped back the weekend and host a team event there in the future, tying in with our future plans for more events similar to last month's HEXLAN in Manchester for Call of Duty.


Be sure to follow us on twitter @RizeGamingPro for the updates on the day!