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A Storm on the Horizon: Coosco Takes 3rd at The Fall Classic

 Beef Supreme  
2016-10-12 19:42:29

It was a wild weekend in North Carolina as hordes of players descended onto The Fall Classic. The star of the show - a new version of Mortal Kombat XL, recently changed via a massive balance patch from NetherRealm studios was making its tournament debut just 4 days after being released. With many top players eager to show their new tech and strategies, it was almost the tournament that never happened.


Storms and Power Issues plagued the venue on Day 1 as Hurricane Matthew rocked the Atlantic coast, forcing an early shutdown of the tournament during pools on Saturday. Power was restored by Sunday and the MKX tournament was back under way.

Enter Rize’s very own Michael ‘Coosco’ Henderson. The lone D/FW Texas Native and sole representative of Rize at TFC brought his signature Covert Ops Sonya Blade, a character many thought would be ‘dead’ after the patch, out to play. As he began his incredibly impressive run through the winner’s bracket it became clear that Sonya was indeed not dead at all, as Coosco made his undefeated run into Top 16, showcasing the superior spacing and incredible reactions that he is known for in the community.


It was in Top 16 where Coosco met his toughest challenge yet of the event in GetToughGaming’s resident Liu Kang Specialist, GTG|SiverRye. As the set wore on, things were looking bleak as SilverRye went up 2-0 against Coosco in the best of 5 set. Taking a moment to think, Coosco went back into the set a totally new man. Making read after read to achieve the reverse sweep, winning three straight games to secure his spot in Top 8 Winners! See stream archive below at 17:00 minutes to catch this set.



Coosco’s first match would see him facing multi-character technician Karma. While Karma, being a very competent player, his roster of characters would prove unable to handle Coosco’s relentless mixup game, Coosco takes the set 3-1 to advance.


Seemingly unstoppable, Coosco’s next opponent would be That Game Store’s Zappa with his newly buffed Shinnok in Winners Finals of Top 8. The keep-away zoning style of Shinnok proved very difficult to deal with handing Coosco his first loss of the weekend to put him in Losers Finals of the tournament. (Match Footage linked Below)



In what would be one player’s final set of the event, Losers Finals saw an epic run-back from earlier on as Coosco met with GTG|SilverRye one last time.  In a set filled with nail-biting rounds and incredible moments, SilverRye would take the set 3-1 ending Coosco’s run at TFC as he bows out , in the money at 3rd place. (Match footage linked below)



Rize congratulates Coosco on his placing at TFC as he continually shows in Top 8s, cementing his position as a constant threat in the Mortal Kombat XL tournament scene. Be sure to catch Coosco and many others from the Rize team as they Invade So-Cal Regionals on October 15-17!