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Westbound & Down: SCR16

(Event Date: 2016-10-15)
 Beef Supreme  
2016-10-12 19:54:25

With many new signings under our belt for the newly formed Rize Mortal Kombat XL Team, the time has finally come for us to band together in a show of force and implant our name in the brackets of a Major MKXL Tournament. With our very own Coosco coming off a 3rd place finish at the Fall Classic, the team is definitely out to make some serious noise.


So-Cal Regionals is all set for the weekend of October 15-17 at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, California. The event, the second major to feature Mortal Kombat XL’s newest balance patch, is already looking very stacked if the Smash.GG attendance list is of any indication. With representatives from teams like Yomi, EXiLE, cR, and EVB in attendance it is sure to be an absolute blood bath.


Rize will be sending in our Pro Team assassins Coosco, and Ominous to put their collective mark on the event and show the west coast how Mortal Kombat is done in Dallas, Texas. They will not be without back-up however - content team and fellow training partners GnarlyGatoAlex and yours truly, BeefSupreme will be in attendance to shake up the brackets as well. We hope the west coast is ready, because this is going to be one hell of a show!


Be sure to catch all the MKXL Action this weekend on Level Up Live 1 and 2! Stream Schedule linked below.


To keep up with the event as it goes on from the eyes of our team, make sure to follow them on twitter:


Rize Gaming - @RizeGamingPro

Rize|Coosco - @Rize_Coosco

Rize|Ominous - @Rize_Ominous

Rize|GnarlyGatoAlex - @Rize_GGAlex

Rize|Beef Supreme - @Rize_Supreme

Good luck guys! I know you will do well!

by  Shadow2016-10-13 02:48:57