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The Draft

(Event Date: 2017-02-11)
2016-11-18 19:48:25

You may have noticed we don't often do things like everyone else. We've been in the Esport industry long enough to know if you don't innovate yourself, you'll be working with someone elses set of rules. We're looking for a new North American Call of Duty team and we want to put our own spin on it.


We want individual players to step up and take part in our latest recruitment event - The Draft.


Drawing influence from the NFL Draft for it's player scouting framework and also influence from the more widely relatable American Idol / XFactor, we put players to the test in a series of three heats, until we have four final players comprising of our latest NA team.


Four Coaches with experience within the community will mentor teams leading to the final stage where they will combine to make the ultimate decision on who makes the cut.


The Trials - Registered players will be looked at by four Draft Coaches. The coaches will put the players into teams for the first phase. The last four players not selected will be put into a Free Agent pool. The teams of players will be tasked with unique tests and matchups. The midway interval may bring changes to the team rosters if the coaches decide, giving the players the challenge of adapting. The players will be looked at for their individual and teamwork abilities. Coaches will sit in with the team comms adding communication attributes into consideration during the phase. Free Agents may be selected and another player cut player any time during the first two phases.


The Clearing - After the first phase the coaches have a tough decision to make in putting together just two teams from the individual players seen throughout the trials. The coaches will have to agree on the balance, the ability and the attitudes of the player to come up with two evenly matched sides to play out a Best of 7 series.


The Draft - Once the series is complete, the coaches will combine once more to discuss the future of just Four players. They will draft the final team.


The Final Four - The chosen players will be funded to play for Rize Pro at the Next Major Event, wearing our apparel and each with a LucidSound LS30 wireless headset. Alongside this we will be opening a community fund in which a separate pot will be crowd generated during the course of The Draft.


We promise this will be an experience like no other and we hope to introduce more freedom from the norm to the Call of Duty scene. 


Who's ready to fight for their place?


Register here:


Date: January 14th - February 4th
Region: North America
Limit: 32 players