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Madden Division Opens

2016-12-12 22:03:02

With the settling of our North American base we've constantly been looking at ways to further our community placing outside of the CoD and FGC spheres. More recently, our Texan-based MKX community member Perm introduced us to the world of Madden, a game he has been involved in since 2008. Inspiring us to take new steps in yet more untested waters, we have considered and decided upon opening a brand new division within the series. With games like FIFA and even NBA opening up for business in the Esport space, it shouldn't be a surprise to see Madden get involved too.


EA being the financial powerhouse that they are, have backed the game for its tournament endeavours with plans for 2017 events and their accessible formats - it makes for an appetising venture.


Perm acts as a talent scout and manager for the division, hand-picking the players he feels have the mettle required to kickstart the division to hopefully mirror the success of our others. We begin the division with two solid acquisitions due to be announced shortly, with another two yet to be discovered and brought in to a rounded four-man crew.


Check back for updates on the division and follow the main man heading it up @Rize_Perm on twitter for the insider knowledge.