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World Warrior Infexious
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World Warrior Infexious

(Event Date: 2017-05-27)
2017-02-20 18:00:58

We are extremely proud to announce that our Street Fighter V player Infexious has been invited to compete as one of 16 World Warriors at Red Bull Kumite 2017 held in Paris. Our pro grappler, often touted as the best Zangief in the world, ended 2016 remarkably.


With the early parts an average top 16 position he quickly turned out top 3 placements with the latter an extremely close ran 2nd place at the Red Bull 5G finals. Undoubtedly his continuous stubbornness in selecting widely undesired characters has gained him deserved notoriety on the pro circuit, taking notable scalps at almost every attended event!



Red Bull Kumite is held on the 27th and 28th May at Salle Wagram, Paris. Infexious will jump right ahead to the Top 16 of the competition held on Sunday with two spots up for grabs in a 256 player qualifying round on the Saturday.


Its an honour for us to have one of our own invited to this event, making us look back to when we first signed him in May 2015 the day before his Stunfest appearance. The weekend later transformed the Manchester brawler into an FGC sensation, taking the now infamous Hugo character to 3rd place at FFM Rumble CPT Premier, after disposing of Tokido is hysteric fashion.


The official list of World Warriors invited so far are:


  • Tokido
  • Xiao Hai
  • PR Balrog
  • RB
  • Infexious
  • Nemo
  • Mister Crimson
  • Bonchan