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Madden Challenge Live Finals

(Event Date: 2017-03-31)
2017-03-21 12:51:00

It hasn't been long since we launched one of our new ventures - the Madden Division. The project was designed to better engage with NA dominated spaces and synchronise with the pace of tournament investments from the likes of EA Games.


EA offers the serious contenders of the game up to $1,000,000 for its Championship Series, with the Major Series playing an important role as the penultimate competitive tier.


J_Millz - one of the two recruits made by Head Coach Perm, has made it to the Madden Challenge Live Finals, that will be held at ESL Studios California.


The grueling online qualifier positioned Millz with just one game to play to make the final cut. Sealing his place in the EA Major on March 31st this marks another successful player acquisition off the back of careful and insightful player scouting from our backroom team. More importantly, another player that was selected from the periphery of the proven player pool (3P).


We're right behind J_Millz and his teammate Breezeboi and hope that this is the start of our etching of the Rize name into Madden culture. Be sure to tune into the stream and show your support beginning March 31st until 2nd of April. See embed below.