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Project Grassroots

2017-04-22 18:00:02

One of our core club values, is our commitment to player/team development. We feel it's important to have a personal investment in upcoming and future talents in eSport. It's also important to recognise the challenges teams face when bedding into the competitive space and allowing younger players to understand the values of commitment, hard-work and determination.

With that, we are very close to releasing our full Academy System, unique, we believe to any other eSport club on the planet. Utilizing our real-world experience and skills, we have created a platform in which academy teams will battle out with others in their specific game to reach the pinnacle.

Teams will represent Rize under various sub-tags and are set weekly challenges by their academy coach in which rewards are up for grabs. Teams will gain XP through these challenges in which they progress to a higher academy tier. Teams also earn Credits that will unlock items to help better their progression and raise team spirit. Our academy system fuses the concept of tournament competition with natural team development.

We're here to help you, help yourselves. A full launch will be announced soon and the signup process will follow.

Are you ready to take control?