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HEXLAN X2 - Details
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HEXLAN X2 - Details

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2017-04-27 13:51:14

General Overview


  • Saturday 22nd of July 2017
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare [PS4]
  • One-day event - first bracket games will begin at 10:30am
  • Double Elimination knockout format
  • CWL rules in effect
  • Seeded by Pro Points where possible
  • Bring your own copy of CODIW
  • Controllers and Headsets (with mixamps) available, if required



The event will take place at Belong Manchester, which is an elevated eSport Arena on the second floor of GAME in the intu Trafford Centre. The intu Trafford Centre is a very easy venue to find with plenty of signage for those traveling. Wheelchair access is provided on site for any attendees requiring this, please speak with staff of GAME on the ground-floor when arriving if you need assistance.



 There are also Travel Lodge hotels surrounding the Trafford Centre itself, so accommodation should you need it (this is a 1-day event) will be available if booked in advance.

Age Restriction


This will be an 18+ Event


Whilst we fought tooth and nail to secure an aged 16+ event, due to incidents developed from previous u18 events our venue will not allow another. The venue will be strictly checking for proof of age when players arrive with the team ticket at the venue.


UPDATE: Tickets Now Available: 


£60 TEAM TICKET - On Sale, May 5th 

Unlike the previous event, this is not an invitational, tickets will go on sale on May 5th and be a first come first served basis, with the two teams that have already qualified given first-refusal on May 4th.


The price is £60 for a team ticket, which works out at £15 per player. This is still the cheapest CoD team ticket around and we feel it matches the offering. With each success of these events the more the next one grows and the offering becomes larger.

The tickets are owned by the person who buys them, this counters issues we ran into where players bought individual tickets and then changes rosters, asking us to organise the chaos. This is not our responsibility to manage the personnel of teams.

Teams qualified but under the age-gate cannot participate at this event but will be able to carry the qualification over to an u16 event in the future should we secure the rights to do so in a different venue.

If a team purchases a ticket without meeting the 18+ age requirements, the ticket will not be refunded. We would like to be very clear that tickets must be presented with proof of age and without the ticket will not be valid.


Double Elimination

The previous event was designed to ensure that teams were given the opportunity (especially at a younger age) to get game-time where they wouldn't normally. The league format presented an opportunity for teams to play more than the usual amount of games. Given their commitment to attending our event.


This presented some issues where teams felt like they wanted to experience the knockout format as seen in the much bigger events. We have decided to accept the wishes of the players and make this Double Elimination knockout tournament.

As stated previously, the tournament will utilise CWL rules and Pro Points will be considered when seeding the teams.


Prizepool breakdown

We aim to increase this but as our responsibility, below are the minimum specs as budgeted prior to extra prize money and/or gear being added by event sponsors.



12 Teams - Minimum £500 Prizepool, 24 stations

  • 1st 80% + Free Team Ticket Next Event 
  • 2nd 15%
  • 3rd 5% 

10 teams - Minimum £300 Prizepool, 24 stations

  • 1st 90% + Free Team Ticket Next Event 
  • 2nd 10% 

8 teams - Minimum £200 Prizepool, 12 stations

  • 1st 100% 
  • 2nd Free Team Ticket Next Event 

6 teams - Minimum £160 Prizepool, 12 stations

  • 1st 100% 
  • 2nd Free Team Ticket Next Event