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Lucid Sound Head Sponsor
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Lucid Sound Head Sponsor

2016-01-31 17:50:36


It is with great pleasure to announce that RizeGaming have secured a new lead sponsor in the form of Lucid Sound. Keeping a close look at the headset market, Lucid Sound stood out as a fresh brand with an experienced driving force behind it.


The first of their headset range is the LS-30 - a wireless headset designed to work with all next-generation consoles, tailoring our need in all of our divisions, seamlessly. We're excited to be working with the company for the remainder of 2016, with many events already lined up, ready for the integration of their excellent product into our competitive environment.


Here's what our CDO Jack had to say about the partnership -


'Lucid Sound have engineered a headset that has listened to the market, blending thoughtful ergonomics with elegant design and high end sound quality. We believe our new partner is going to make waves within the industry this year and beyond.'


It’s safe to say that the acquisition has got people talking within the club and we can't wait for the first major event to start, where the LS-30 will be fully showcased. 


'Lucid Sound is an emerging audio brand focused on delivering specialized audio solutions for the video game market. As industry veterans, we have the expertise and ambition to reignite the gaming audio space with products that are created specifically for gamers. Our passion is to develop the ultimate audio experience while exceeding the expectations of our customers.'

You can see the LS-30 in action at UMG South Carolina worn by our Black Ops 3 (PS4) team.

by  HULK GG2016-01-31 20:22:19