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Hive Esport Academy

2017-05-08 19:02:55

With the ever-changing landscape of Esport, it is important to build for the future. At any successful club, you will find future-proofing projects that are designed to protect the core foundations. 



For the past couple of months, we have been developing an in-house academy portal that houses teams and players of varying abilities - with one common goal: to be the best. The teams and players will be monitored via coaching staff and undertake inter-club tournaments and challenges to help mould them into the winners they want to be.


We wanted to create the first Esports 'La Masia' and feel with our combined experience and skills we are able to do just that. For the next few weeks, we will be preparing teams to be inducted into the Hive through our selection process with CS:GO, CrossFire and League of Legends part of the agreed Season 1 lineup.


To start things off we have inducted four FIFA 17 (XBOX ONE) players who will train together for a week before being put to the test. Two of the players have transferred from our pre-existing Fifa team, to compete amongst the two new inductees.

The Hive FIFA 17 recruits are: CoreyB (UK), sQuid (UK), quwadle (UK) and Boojen (DK). 


We will update on the progress of these four inductees after the initial training week is over. We are still open for applications to the Hive for all the games listed in this announcement. To do that, visit here

This is a great idea

by  InFlames2017-06-02 17:29:14