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All Squared

2017-05-30 17:22:52

It has been a tough month for us regarding our Street Fighter V division. We recently lost our most decorated solo player in Infexious, along with highly thought of prospect Brian in one fell swoop. The circumstances surrounding their departure to another club is a contentious issue, conceived by the myriad of insensitive decision making by the UK tournament holder Gfinity. That though, is for another article - should it ever see the light of day. 


With every dark cloud, there is often a silver lining. McSquared2 who had excellent success with Killer Instinct  - 3rd and 2nd at Toronto Majors; Toryuken 4 and Canada Cup respectively - switched to SFV at the start of Season 2, to our surprise. Quietly going about his craft, MC2 as he's known fondly by his co-members at Rize, built up his skill set over the course of the season. 


Slowly but surely the Toronto man has improved his game, making regular high finishes at his well-turned-out local Toronto Top Tiers. Following his breakthrough locally, results eventually followed at larger events and CPT Majors. Below, you can see the numerous Top 16 placements, improved to Top 8 and Top 10 placements in the next event of the tournament series'.


 2016 Canada East Coast Championship 3 7th
 2016 Toryuken 5 13th
 2016 Worldgaming Regionals 4th
 2016 Fight For The 6ix: RedBull Proving Grounds 13th
 2017 Canada East Coast Championship 4 13th
 2017 Fight For The 6ix: RedBull Proving Grounds 9th
 2017 Toryuken 6 5th



Most recently McSquared2 finished in 5th place at Toryuken 6, improving his last appearance from Top 16 to Top 8 this time around. This increase in performance again proves the fruitful nature of our careful selection process and the work ethic of players like McSquared2 who are determined to make their own waves under our banner.


On the back of Toryuken, MC2 will move onto other events, with another RedBull Fight For The 6ix event on June 3rd, followed by World Gaming: Northern Fights on the 4th and the Canada Cup later on in the year.


A place at the prestigious EVO could also be on the cards should results go his way too. If Toronto wins in the 3v3 tournament at the 6ix, along with MC2 himself finishing in the Top 8 spot in the final standings then an all-expenses paid trip to EVO will be a great reward for our man. The prospect is an exciting, if not difficult task. We're sure he will give it his best shot and represent us amicably.


Keep track of McSquared2's progress via

Lets Go!!

by  InFlames2017-06-02 17:29:30