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Welcome Dota2 SEA

2017-05-31 12:26:30

Our intentions to open up to Asian markets were made clear not long back when we announced a Chinese Esport Strategist was joining the management ranks here in Rize. Whilst we are still creating links to scenes in mainland China and Hong Kong, South East Asia, is another location we have currently expanded to.


It is common knowledge that certain areas around the world excel in particular games. South Korea was the capital of StarCraft (probably still is), and other SEA locations continue to share dominance on the MOBA scene. With our roots in Dota 2 being heavily Europe based we decided to take the gamble and enter a totally new world for the game.


Starting out by sponsoring two events in the for a local Cavite lineup we quickly got to grips with the network of passionate and extremely dedicated players, many talented enough to boast 7-8k MMR ratings. Having carefully established our shortlist we finally found the team that we are taking forward in our Philippines journey.


Proving plenty of attributes at the Manila Masters 2017 Phillipines Qualifier (as 'Brodie' eventually being eliminated 2-1 by top team HappyFeet) we know we have a team that shares both elements of experience and appetite for further progression. 


The lineup is as follows:


 Anastasia (C) - Support 

 Runin - Carry 

 carpoyzxc - Midlaner 

 grimto - Support 

 bhem - Offlaner 


The first test for the team came only a few days after signing, as they battled through the 43-team tournament; 3Guard Brawl to place 2nd. We're keen to move the team onward as they compete locally in Cavite and other regions where the thirst for offline events is high amongst a mainly young, gathering of aspiring players.


Next up for the team is TNC Esports Cup Season 2 with 50k Grand Prize Pool up for grabs, we'll be bringing you the blow-by-blow of the action over on our twitter page @RizeGamingPro on June 3!





by  InFlames2017-06-02 17:26:20