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HEXLAN X2 - Announcement
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HEXLAN X2 - Announcement

2017-06-08 16:55:21

It is with great displeasure to announce that HEXLAN X2 has been postponed until further notice. All refunds will be issued on the 16th of June 2017.

The dedication of the younger age group of 16+ was detrimental to the success of the tournament and our position to hold a tournament below the expectations of attendees is not something we want to do.


Whilst we were closing in on the target number of teams, two teams last week pulled out, with the recent events in Manchester cited as one of the reasons. This is obviously an impact that we feared would happen and have to respect.


Despite this being a Rize Event, the location in which we planned to host the event is not a private one and therefore the enforcement of 18+ by Belong directly impacts the flexibility of the attendance. We understand that Belong is a relatively new brand that must tread carefully in what they allow on their premises. Our relationship with Belong Manchester remains strong and will be hosting other events there in titles that do not need careful consideration.


Although the Multiplayer section of the game is not rated and consent forms would be introduced, ultimately the PEGI rating is used as the followed guideline for entry.


We want to assure those who considered attending and those who purchased tickets that should we host a Call of Duty event in the future, that these issues will have been completely resolved prior to any announcement of another tournament.


In this instance, we took a gamble that despite the age being raised to 18+ we would still be able to attract enough teams by the cut-off date. The two teams that removed themselves from the event last week understandably felt unsafe, which ultimately allowed us to affirm our decision to postpone


The qualifying teams that reserved their place at the event will carry over. As stated we feel these issues are easily resolvable in hindsight and will help build a stronger event, hopefully at the end of 2017 / early 2018.


Lastly, we want to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, we hoped to use our experience of the first HEXLAN event and amp the hype and enjoyment up for this one. Events are still firmly on our agenda here at Rize and it is not the end of our desire to host them going forward.