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CS:GO Hunt

2017-06-18 13:27:06

Eight weeks ago we let our Icelandic CS:GO team go. Similarly to the Serbian team before them, the results hadn't been going their way and in our experience, sometimes a project will not work no matter how much talent and desire you have.


With any departure though, there is always a gap to fill. Counter-Strike is the heart of our club, with the birth of Rize firmly indebted to the series. So with that, we are now on the hunt for a new team, with key ideas leading the chase. This year has already proven to be a rollercoaster of surprises and although renowned for being unpredictable in nature, we're calling for some calm. And so, the ideals that we seek in a team are as below.

  • ESEA Main+ or Equivalent 
  • Proven at Minor-to-Major Level (e.g EsportSM, Copenhagen Games)
  • Potential to qualify for side tournaments (CaseKing, Nordic Masters, etc) 
  • European-based players with same or neighbouring locations
  • Ready to attend Offline tournaments
  • 18+


This team will be our headline CS:GO team with the HIVE Academy system a background process. If you are a captain or manager of a CS:GO team that meets the specifications above, visit to submit your application.


We're excited to start our next chapter in CS:GO - whoever the next team may be, we will ensure that it's a great fit for hype and excitement.