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CS:GO Assembled

2017-07-19 16:59:08

We are delighted to reveal our new CS:GO squad. It has been well documented that our situation within the Counter-Strike scene has fluctuated between nations like the UK and Iceland. With our desire to return to our roots and after weeks of working with the orchestrator of the team composite, we are now happy with the all-Swedish lineup, comprising: 

eptic - Ayes - punch - dezon - wackie

We were deep in talks with team captain eptic who previously represented u4x at the Nordic Masters 2017 where he helped them finish in 3rd place. There is plenty of talent joining him on the team too, with a Yoggi Yalla Cup win adding to their combined experience.


The team will also be attempting to an abandoned ESEA Main season that was disregarded during the dispersing of the u4x team midseason. Four wins from their remaining matches have been targeted as the safety mark for regaining Main division participation.


Keep up to date with all the CS:GO action over on our twitter!