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Enix Arrives

2017-07-25 15:51:49

In another step towards realising our vision, Jordan 'Enix' Eastwood has joined the club as Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Enix has experience in putting on events and is passionate about eSports grassroots - two things that are extremely compatible with our mission statement.


The role of CXO in our minds is to have an influencing part in the experience of our fans, and players, be it existing or new. Enix will be an integral part of the integration of our vision and the observing and participating public. Enix has some hands-on pedigree also with the below accolades to his name, that are valuable experiences for grassroots coaching.


  • Halo 2 MGaming Finalist
  • Halo 2 GV Finalist
  • COD4 EUT Finalist
  • COD4 ED Top 3
  • COD4 GB Premium Finalist


It is a great opportunity to join the Rize team and I am thankful for being given this opportunity, since I was younger I have always been invested within competitive gaming and through my experience leading an unknown team to finals I have always felt that love for eSports.

Brand development has always been a key aspect to my personal development and being able to work with the eSports community and partners to achieve and push high goals for the Rize community.

I'm looking forward to create some excellent opportunities for everyone around the North West to come and interact with the Rize brand and to enjoy our events that I will be planning with the excellent team we have here.
Expanding on those opportunities I want to engage more with grassroots and grow the UK scene in particular. - Enix


The first thing on the agenda for our new CXO is to put together the first event under his tutelage, with existing partnerships key to the progress.