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MBA SFV Launch Event

(Event Date: 2016-02-27)
2016-02-26 14:10:22

This Saturday our friends at Manchester Battle Arena are hosting a Multiplay i57 qualifier for Street Fighter V.

Manchester veteran Infexious will be absent for this event due to a lay off until Summer and so, Scottish prodigy Brian will be stepping up to the plate.


With the event prize qualification to the Birmingham event on March 26th up for grabs, this presents an opportunity for the Glasgow based fighter to put his newly selected Chun Li up against the other travelling scenes.


Rize has a great relationship with MBA, and are keen to improve our connection with the scene as the year goes on. This after all is the local community of our headquarters and the birthplace of our most successful Street Fighter - Infexious.


The Top 3 will qualify for the event in Birmingham, however Brian will be looking for gold to add to his 2nd place at Maximum Impact 4 where he lost to BigFool a notoriously fast learner in the Scottish Street Fighter community.


So don't forget to track this event and write your comments in the comment section! (if you're logged in).




As we write Zain has now signed himself up to the MBA tournament. Coming off the back of a 2nd place finish at Electronic Dojo's launch event - albeit outside of his comfort zone via a controller and not a stick - along with finished out Ultra in an impressive Top 8 placement at Goodbye SF4 London, we're hoping both him and Brian reach the grand final of this event.


So with two competitors representing the Rize flag we have twice as much reason to get hype. If that doesn't quite get you off your seat, then the prospect of myself playing the game for the first time and being repeatedly bodied, whilst at the event, may make you fall off it.



There ain't no hype like Rize-Hype. Proven since 2009.



See you next MBA Event!

by  The Artytek2016-03-08 14:11:03