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HCS London

(Event Date: 2017-09-15)
2017-08-11 19:00:00

It's with great pleasure to announce that we will be attending the Halo Championship Series in London (HCS) on September 15th, with a skilled team from the UK and Italy.


The squad will meet up in the capital with hopes of qualifying for the championship bracket on Sunday and hoping to further their stay in the competition.


M0nstaBANG   ShaqFocus   Switch   Neji

This is the first time we have attended an offline event for a Halo game as our previous NA roster enjoyed some online success before disbanding. We hope the competition can bring a new wave of excitement to the club and gain success in yet another title.


'It's an exciting time for everyone in eSports right now, with the recent interest by the BBC it is only going to help grow these competitions. We will be representing Rize in the most competitive European LAN event in Halo 5 and we couldn't be happier. We will be grinding hard to continue their success in games like Street Fighter and Dota 2.' - M0nstaBANG 


Be sure to keep updated on the build-up to the event by checking our twitter @RizeGamingPro