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Gears Mexico

2017-09-24 16:52:14

Last week we secured our first ever Mexican team! The Gears of War 4 squad 'Lord' were picked up by the club after seeing the impact of the game in Latin America.


Inplorates- Qoajiz - Plancarte - Intolerates - Notclaw


* Roster Updated October 5 2017.


Gears of War hasn't had major success in Europe, but certainly has a greater fondness in the Americas, with the Mexican team due to play in the Gears Pro Circuit in January until it was rightly postponed when the sad news broke that an earthquake had hit Mexico City.


The guys have been competing in Gears Lounge online with their recent result finishing 3rd/4th in the tournament after reaching the Semis. Other competitions such as Game Battles 2k will be played every Sunday providing plenty of practice time before the Pro Series visit.


We're sure the team can have an impact on the club and we'll enjoy our stay in the Mexican Gears' community.