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The Road To HypeSpotting

(Event Date: 2016-04-02)
2016-03-11 19:35:15

Hypespotting V - April 2nd/3rd at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

With three weeks left to go until the Capcom Pro Tour event Hypespotting, our fighting game division has been boosted by the capture of Cobelcog.  Cobelcog is a Cammy specialist and one of Ireland's top Street Fighter players. I've always held the Irish FGC in high regard as it has produced some excellent players. The likes of Hound, Azza, Stevo and many others. It's a signing I'm delighted with as I have enjoyed his gameplay from SF4.


Easily the most difficult Cammy player I have faced, Cobelcog is a player I believe is incredibly underrated. However with the introduction of SFV, and streaming options on the PS4, the wider community have been able to witness his capabilities. Along with tearing through the leaderboards online, Cobelcog won Random Select Ireland's Road to Hypespotting qualifier to secure his position at the event. I'm incredibly interested to see how he performs and believe he has the potential to make a real impact on the event.



The Versus Scotland staff have done a tremendous job with the Hypespotting series as it grows from strength to strength. Last year some of the entrants included world warriors MCZ Mago, MCZ Tokido, RZR Xian, RB Luffy, FA Ryan Hart and PxP Problem X. It is hosting a whopping 14 double elimination tournaments with games including SFV, The King of Fighters XIII and Super Smash Bros for WiiU. The event truly hosts a unique atmosphere with intense matches along with a more casual, but equally entertaining, pub quiz. I would encourage everyone to attend this event as it's hands down my favourite Fighting Game event of the year.


Another player who has excelled at SFV is our very own Brian who placed second at MBA's SFV Launch event. In the process he secured qualification for one of the big SFV tournaments at Insomnia and is now the second Scot, alongside Bigfool, to qualify. He's looking deadly with Chun Li and has caused me many struggles in all the games we have played! I'm very much looking forward to seeing Brian defend the country on home soil and I know he, and other Scots, are more than capable of getting into the mix in the latter stages of the tournament.


Zain also achieved a strong 5th place finish at MBA's SFV Launch event. I'm keen to see how he does with Vega as it's a character I quite enjoy watching due to his playstyle and strategy. In addition he has continued to secure top 2 placing at his Local Electronic Dojo events (shoutouts to Justin!). Therefore he can go into the event with confidence that he's continuing to improve and develop nicely.


Infexious has been a little more quiet on the SF front, only picking up SFV very recently. I heard from a little birdie who he may be using though, and it's character that suits him to the ground. I haven't had the chance to witness any footage from himself yet but I know he will pick the game up quickly and I know he's going to hit the ground running or diving in V..


Everyone wanting to register or know more about Hypespotting you can by hitting this link I guarantee you will be kicking yourself if you aren't able to attend as the environment is one to remember.


That's all for our Rize Fighters roundup. Be sure to follow the team on twitter @Infexiousdc @Cobelcog @Zain__23 @BTM_Brian and @Thesquared2.