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Enix Departure

2017-10-05 22:34:52

Today, Jordan 'Enix' Eastwood will be leaving his post as Chief Experience Officer at Rize a little sooner than expected. It was maintained during his stay that Rize would not be his final home as he developed an Education-centric project over time and incorporated new ideas to his local area; Greater Manchester and neighbouring areas. 

Jordan's main task was to help implement his ideas and progress his own personal development during his stay. As things moved on more quickly than first anticipated, on advice, he must now relinquish his position with us in order to maintain impartiality and integrity within his educational and grassroots work. 

He will still be delivering the Lawbreakers event on the 20th with us, as a third-party collaborator and then embark on his future projects. We wish Jordan all the best and are very thankful for all the hard work he has put in whilst being with us and are excited to end a great working relationship with the Lawbreakers event acting as an unofficial leaving ceremony.