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Insomnia 57 Epilogue
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Insomnia 57 Epilogue

2016-03-29 17:05:57

With the long weekend now over, we look back to the successful event at the NEC in Birmingham; Multiplay Insomnia 57. With the CSGO Girls team flying out to Copenhagen for its namesake 'Games' the Dota2 and members of the Street Fighter V division opted to compete in our home nation, United Kingdom.


 Dota2 Day One


Arriving the day before, the event bore no complaints from the team as they eased into a first match victory of the group stage with a 2-0 against TCA. The second series was over within 30 minutes as the team of crusH, HoviteY, Thunderdyne, Stormstormer and matrice finished off eventual bottom of the group mix, Moyes Boyes.


The third series proved trickier, with joint group leaders Tea Bags grabbing an equalising game. Given our higher seed we were eligible to finish the group as leaders, however, gracefully the team opted to give their opponents a tie-breaking match. Our sporting favor wasn't to come back and haunt us however as a well performed victory sealed an undefeated group stage and first day.


Moving into the finals bracket, our first opponent came in the form of Addiction Esport. The opposition provided a solid match and showed promise (along with sportsmanship) but we were able to overcome their efforts over the minimum of two maps.


The last match of the day, was a late one. Going against ZeroGamesense, the matches proved tight. A map count of 1-1 with almost two hours of game time, the team entered a final map stage fatigued and frustrated. ZG had previously used Pauses mid-engagement without any reasoning, sometimes prolonging the pause-time to what would later be proved to be for an unfair advantage. Another long-drawn out game and the team were controversially beaten and moved down to the lower bracket where they would fight for their tournament survival.



 SFV Day One


In the first day of Street Fighter V, only Zain was on hand to enter the GAME Daily tournament - a precursor to the GAME Off Finals the next day. The event only served as a warm-up to what was to come later that weekend- with a prize of 250 GBP at the helm in this Daily. Zain managed 3rd place however after narrowly losing out to ex-Rize player Pro Fluke, who has since taken up R. Mika since the release of the new game.



 Dota2 Day Two


It was an early start for the Dota 2 boys as the first game in which their tournament survival depended. The first to test their resolve was a familiar opponent in the form of Team Senses.'Senses follow a similar club format to ourselves, with SFV players under their banner, often on our tournament radar -- something we'll touch back on as this report progresses. With a calculated drafting phase and focused approach, our team coasted to a routine victory, securing themselves into the next round.


Controversy: Following on from our suspicions that ZeroGamesense were using pauses to their advantage; warnings were given out and then ignored. Unsporting behavior, disrespect towards officials and the tournament ensued and ZG were eliminated. This left just three teams remaining at the Semi-Final stage.


Facing off against Team Xenex, past results have proven that both teams are evenly matched. The games were expectantly slow in nature, with chess-like positioning key to the control of the series. The first game of the fixture was a fractional victory for Xenex, with our Dota 2 boys oddly hesitant in their team-fights leading up to the final stage. Second map was a similar struggle, with map control lost in unusual circumstances. Parts of the team's fracturing shortcomings were in the form of uncommon mistakes, some that can easily be attributed to offline nerves for such a new team.


 SFV Day Two


With the arrival of Brian he joined Zain in the second GAME Daily, that also doubled as a last chance qualification for GAME Off later that day.


Brian managed to come through the winner bracket unscathed, beating the likes of Tyrant, and his Scottish counter-part BigFool to win the cash and qualifier. Zain again finished in 3rd place (albeit in a much more talented bracket than the previous) but not without first eliminating the first of his Team Senses scalps in the shape of Necalli player Shinji.


 SFV Day Three


With the Dota2 finished for the remainder of the event, Sunday was all about the Street Fighter division. Following on the event's previous daily touraments, the final daily served as the official 'Last Chance' qualifying event for the Insomnia SFV Championships LAST 8. With Brian already qualified Zain was the only competitor vying for a position to join him there.


His efforts proved worthwhile as Zain progressed through the qualifying tournament in the lower bracket after being sent there by none other than InfernoKong of Team Senses. He came back to haunt that team though, first by a repeat victory over Shinji, until they met again in the Losers finals where InfernoKong got the better of our Birmimgham Vega once more.



Later that day was the Insomnia SFV Championship finals (Top 8). Both of our guys got off to a good start with Brian taking out Shinji to relegate him to the lower bracket and Zain defeating tricky Rashid / Cammy player Rycroft.


Zain then faced a huge challenge in the form of unbeaten Bison, Problem X. Problem is what he proved to be as our man went down to the lower bracket.


There he faced UK Birdiechist; InfernoKong, some revenge for the qualifying defeat. Revenge was definitely served as Zain eliminated the last remaining Team Senses member from Insomnia 57 (combined with Dota 2).


Zain's success came at a cost however, as he moved on to face Brian in the Semi final of the lower bracket - guaranteeing one of them 3rd place and the other elimination. Brian took the victory over his fellow Rize compadre ending what had been a solid event's work in 4th place.


With just Brian remaining in the tournament his next opponent came once more in the form of BigFool. This match was a much closer affair, eventually exiting Brian from the tournament at a nailbiting 3-2.


This wraps up the epilogue for Insomnia 57. Considering the last minute preparations (3 weeks pre-confirmed entries) this event has been a standout success with everyone taking part showing extreme unity and family spirit.


We would like to thank all players and staff for their enormous efforts during the course of the event.


Special thanks:

ScaR - General Manager UK - Weekend

grillzeE - Chief Development Officer - Saturday

sQuiD - Blogger - Saturday

Brian - Street Fighter V - Saturday, Sunday

Zain - Street Fighter V - Weekend

crusH - Dota2 - Weekend

Thunderdyne - Dota2 - Weekend

Stormstormer - Dota2 - Weekend

HoviteY - Dota2 - Weekend

matrice - Dota2 - Weekend

LucidSound - Headsets

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