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Home Grown

2017-11-04 18:46:12

As part of our efforts to put more time into UK eSports, grassroots was highly inclusive of this decision. Whilst we stay in the hunt for a Main CS:GO team with proven tournament experience, we similarly encouraged young and moderately inexperience UK teams to join us and develop their skills.


It's of our opinion that the current climate of eSports can leave players feeling undervalued, underutilized and disillusioned to the how far they can go within the competitive gaming space. We want to provide an open environment for younger and/or less experienced players to feel comfortable learning their trade; coupled with the guidance of an experienced organisation that was built on the blocks of previous Counter-Strike titles.


Without further ado, please welcome our Official B-Team / Academy:


Kerr - S1eet - koz - yura - wadey-

 We're looking forward to working with these guys, attending British events alongside the team and supporting them through their development.


We are really happy to join Rize and are glad to have this opportunity to develop ourselves under such an established eSports club - Kerr

You can expect the team to try their hand at Insomnia 62 next year, along with the support of the management team.


Track the team's progress over on @RizeGamingPro for the most bleeding-edge updates!


by  msidragon2017-11-08 20:56:23