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2017 Review
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2017 Review

2017-12-29 00:00:00

It has been an extraordinary year here at Rize. We've had many ups and some downs, both in which prepare us for the future and the year 2018 ahead. 


We managed to earn 41 awards (1st - 4th) over the course of 2017, 17 for PC, 18 for PS4 and 6 for XBONE. Out of 7 Majors attended we took 4 Tops 8s, 1 of which was a 3rd place where Madden player JMillz secured $10,000 at EA studios.


6 new games featured among our teams, with Gears of War 4, PUBG, Tekken7, Marvel v Capcom Infinite, Atlas Reactor, and of course Madden 17. All of them managed some kind of success be it from an online tournament or an offline event.


With all these teams brough new locations, and ones we hadn't previously held teams in. Those were Brazil, Philippines, Finland and Iceland. Over the course of the year, we had teams and players in 17 different countries overall.


Check out the infographic below for a sightly overview on the aforementioned!




We can't wait to carry on from where we left off, we have plenty of things in the pipeline and 2017 was only the beginning of new ventures and exciting movements within the club!