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Unity Division
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Unity Division

2018-03-23 16:53:12

Like most clubs / organisations created in the same era as ourselves, our foundations were built on the community ethos of clans and multi-gaming teams.


As eSport grew to what it is today, our principles changed overtime and priorities aligned with the directly competitive nature of online gaming.


Meanwhile, the boom of content-creators through the success of Twitch and YouTube before that, started to blur the edge between both worlds. It's well known that we have a desire to be a trusted and reputable brand for all gaming entities, be it through the teams we compete with, events we host, or media content we publish.


Fortnite is a perfect example of the type of game a player may struggle to get full eSport recognition in.


Adding to that idea, we feel we can better connect these facets of Rize by creating dedicated areas for them.


Before now, we have been challenged with the desire to achieve results in the highly competitive eSports space, along with recognising the opportunity to give chances to those with less experience but with equal desire. Whilst wanting to do this, we still felt as though we should keep our traditional eSports teams running at a standard that pushes teams to strive for better achievement for themselves and for the club.


With that, it presented a problem. How do we keep intact our dedication to successful eSport divisions whilst giving opportunity to fringe players?


We believe opening up Unity, a division designed to open the criteria for membership, with a respect for flairs in content and community based activies, is the answer.


Unity officially launched last week but we are still open to recruiting. We're not restricted to any game-title or player location, so feel free to apply via


If you are a new content creator Unity can help you too, with experienced Unity Leaders giving advice and guidance on building your platform, with the support of a dedicated network.


It has never been a better time to #RizeWithUs