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French Revolution

2018-06-21 18:35:30

Over the past six weeks we have upped our interest in core eSport titles that interest us and our fanbase.


In doing so, we noticed a strong pattern between these core titles and the French community. After picking up French Fortnite player PraGa, we went on to acquire a French Rainbow Six Siege roster. 


During this time PraGa had assembled a full roster for Occitanie ESports / ESL Montpellier where they placed 11th overall. The R6S team played their first competitive tournament finishing 2nd in the recent SUPR3M3.TV online tournament.

This week, we have acquired an additional French Rocket League player; RPK who will be competiting in 1v1 tournaments and working towards creating a strong youth roster in the popular title.

The Fortnite team have recently updated their roster: 

PraGa - Ryuk - JahLion - ESAp