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Edge Division
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Edge Division

2018-07-20 17:59:30


With our Unity division now underway and plans to grow, we decided to bring a long standing project of ours to the foreground. For a while we had decided to give new multiplayer titles a chance and invest our time into passionate teams that compete in those new titles.


Until now, this remained a background process, with games such as Atlas Reactor, Lawbreakers and more recently Battalion 1944 getting their shot.


The latest division to open up within the club is our Edge division, signifying the types of cutting-edge titles that you should expect to see. With this news we'll outlay the titles that we are interested in, and will support during their growth:

As titles come and ago, naturally so does our support, we put together a Lawbreakers LAN last year supported by developers BossKey in an attempt to grow a local following, but ultimately the game didn't take off. We will always do our very best to support an Edge division title and hope that it can become a legitimate part of eSports.