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The Pack

2018-08-21 10:36:17

Today we announce a formal partnership with content creation team, The Pack. Founded by long-standing Rize member naBs, The Pack has been in the works for a number of years with the original conception being a Youtube channel.


Following the early success of streaming for both naBs and Biirrdy, who also shares Rize membership in the form of a Battle Royale player in Unity - the content team is now deeply rooted in live Twitch broadcasts.


What does this mean for Rize?

Working with other established communities is not new for the club and we feel this step is another in creating a cohesive relationship between eSport club and content team.

Content creators that we already support will remain and our support for those individuals will stay as strong as ever. Formalising a deal with The Pack solidifies our stance as a supportive and progressive organisation and opens the door for others. 

What we gain is the further exposure and expansion of our club through these 3rd party associations.

What does this mean for The Pack?

The core members of the team will be supported by ourselves through, hosting, social media posts and collaborative content. 

The Pack, overtime will grow into a larger team and it will be up to them to incentivise their members to reaching a core member status and ultimately falling under the support of Rize. We're keen to see what up and coming personalities can come to the fore.


Give them a follow on Twitch:


Great things will happen thank you <3

by  Biirrdy2018-08-25 09:52:47
Couldn't have asked for a better organisation and set of people other than you guys to be supporting us through this journey <3

by  naBs2018-08-21 12:33:29