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Tekken Team Tornado

2018-09-02 23:26:31

We've been busy with all things Tekken 7 this week. It's been a long standing ambition of ours to break into the Tekken scene, with our FGC success coming mainly from Street Fighter 4 & 5. We felt the past year has seen a huge spike in interest in T7 and not letting an opportunity slide, we decided to get right behind the upward motion the game was experiencing (especially in the UK).

Over the past few weeks we have been scouting players at as many Locals (MBA) and Majors (VSF) as we can, and even the Belong Arena Clash. After deciding to pick up Manchester based Shen, it was agreed that a roster would be put together comprised of both upcoming and experienced players with a unified ambition of developing and building consistency.


Some will have noticed our exploits through social media, with gimmicky announcements including our favourite DLC tweets. However a blind pick this was not. Since the acquiring of Shen we had a lot of interest from players intent of joining the team.


After interviewing candidates, and those we pursued through the recommendations of newly acquired players - the vision was clear.


For the rest of the year we will be step by step increasing our foothold in what we want to achieve. Each player has room for growth in some shape or form, and as a unit we believe we are able to fast-track their development.

Whilst winning every tournament isn't a practical nor realistic target for us at this stage, from here on out, every player is subscribed to that goal.


  • Shen - Miguel / Kat / Lars - Manchester

    We brought Shen on board as the experienced mentor who has developed an extra taste for tournament success in the past year - now that he has put aside his duties as tournament organiser. Shen's experience in tournament means he can overcome emotions and nerves in order to deconstruct his opponents and find a new way to win if necessary. This is the key ingredient he brings to the team that will benefit others around him in Offline play. Playing with newer Tekken players gives him a new motivation and desire that can help push him to his maximum potential.
  • FalseGod - Steve - London

    FalseGod made a name for himself at the recent VSFighting 2018 and became a scary prospect almost instantly after his brutal showing against Dimeback. His contribution to the team will be setting the benchmark by gaining consistency in future events. Playing with hungry teammates will give FalseGod the impetus to affirm his position as the highest placed player in the roster in recent times.

  • RsKyLuck - Claudio - Bradford

    RsKyLuck is considered to be the best Claudio in the UK, and considering his short incline to this feat it is nothing short of impressive. A bold statement it may seem but his instant Running 2s have become a staple of his technical ability and with more and more offline experience due, we believe he can become a highly feared opponent for anyone. He will bring dedication and hunger to the team, pushing the best of his teammates to the absolute limit whilst also being an exemplary student of the game as time goes on.

  • ASAP Marko - Steve - London

    ASAP Marko is known for his excellent character knowledge and analytic approach. His tech depth and skill potential is high and whilst considered a hidden gem amongst other London players; Marko is keen to gain more offline experience and adapt within this environment. His insight to characters weaknesses and options will be a more than welcome addition to the team, whilst his teammates will provide the necessary motivation to make the next step up.
  • DANTE - Jack 7 - Birmingham

    DANTE has been a regular figure at the Birmingham locals, and is known to many there as one of the very best in his scene. His desire to travel and gain experience with new gameplay cultures is representative of the mindset we look to adopt for our players. With persistent punishing and clean fundamentals DANTE adds further to our technical stew and brings differing gameplay culture to our team also. 

  • GoukiAkuma - Bradford

    GoukiAkuma, like RsKyLuck has put himself in the frame as another dangerous opponent to come from obscurity. After showing brilliant maturity at the Arena Clash finals, winning every game after his initial pad malfunction. At only 17 years old GoukiAkuma has huge potential, and with RsKy and Shen only a stones throw away for Offline sessions, we think he has a bright future in Tekken. 

  • EMinor - Eliza - Manchester

    Part of our dedication to grassroots was personified when we picked up EMinor, our youngest competitor at only 14 years of age. EMinor sprung onto the world stage when he placed 17th at his first Major event at VSFighting 2018. At such an age, the sky is the limit, as it is with GoukiAkuma and hopefully by taking part in team discussions, getting Offline experience more regularly, EMinor can establish a consistent style and learn valuable things from the more experienced players amidst him.

  • KNX - Shaheen / Raven - Birmingham

    Our first ever Tekken player, KNX has had a low key run in the game in the past 6 months after first establishing himself as a name to remember by winning Fist of the Notts Star and gaining runner up in the follow up. Now with a fresh team alongside him, KNX will be looking to build up his offline attendance and regain his hunger for tournament success. With T7 being essentially his first competitive Tekken game, coming from other Fighting Game backgrounds such as Street Fighter, KNX adds a new gameplay dynamic that can help his teammates with similar styled opponents.

UPDATE: Prior to releasing this article, the three attending RIZE players at SFO claimed the Top 3 spots, with DANTE winning the tournament, RskyLuck in 2nd and Shen in 3rd! What a start.