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A Great 2018
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A Great 2018

2018-12-31 18:06:04

It's been a very busy second half of the year for ourselves, with the huge time investment towards our Tekken project, along with the revival of other squads and new titles! 2018 saw us bring in 9 new players for Tekken which we hope to make an impact on the scene over the coming months. PUBGM was introduced as an independant community with over 70 members competing and sharing content on the dedicated Discord server.


Our website hasn't had the most attention in way of content in the past couple of months and we blame that firmly on our focus on a new website in development - that we will be aiming to bring to you in the first quarter of 2019. We hope our new website will give us more opportunity to connect with fans and for our competitive and community members to express themselves more directly on our platform.


We truly do work year-round to innovate and match our high ambitions with maximum efforts; and it's all for you guys.


Everyone who has been with us on this journey, we'd like to thank you more than ever for your hard work and passion. This is of course, is the passion industry, we feel and it's envigorating to see our friends and Rize members, thrive and enjoy being part of the family.


Have a great new year and we'll be back as usual - green, mean and keen.