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Shen Departure

2019-02-08 09:49:42

We are sad to write that our Tekken 7 player Shen has left the club after a two month period away from the game.


The Manchester-based player took some time away on personal grounds and we offered full support for him during this time. Unfortunately Shen feels that his absence will be longer than first anticipated with a return not looking imminent.


Ez, as many also know him as, has been an exemplary member of the team and outer community, showing a great professional attitude towards improving and developing himself after a long successful period as a tournament organiser. A core reason in bringing the player into the team was to create a mentor figure within the division that players could look to for guidance and inspiration.


Shen's main asset was his composure during significant rounds, leading him to overcome his perceived weakenesses with strong fundementals.


Here's part of his announcement on social media:


'I am truly thankful for what RIZE has done for me. They gave me an opportunity to exceed my self as a player and experience what it is like to be a sponsored player. I wil value everyhing they have done for me, especially their support in this time.

I wish RIZE and all the players every success for the future.'


Whilst we are completely behind Shen's decision, his presence will be sorely missed. Everyone here at the club wishes him the very best and hope to see him again some time in the future.