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The Player-Coach

2019-03-12 12:02:45

As the new season looms we've entered the next phase of our Tekken journey. With the departure of Shen, we were presented with the opportunity to look at the next entry to the division as someone who possesses both playing and coaching ability.

After shortlisting a few names in the UK, derived from conversations between our players and the community, we noticed a name there that we already had our eyes on, as part of our ongoing scouting structure.

For over a year SolidRose had often been infamously labelled as one of the best unsponsored player in the United Kingdom. We strongly agreed with that and given our location policy it meant that despite our interest in the player, for one reason or another - it never felt like the right timing.

Now that we have finally brought the player on board, we're delighted for him to fulfil the brand new role of Player-Coach. SolidRose has a structured and intellectual approach to fighting games, noted in his other exploits of Soul Calibur and Smash.

Coupled with his impressive performances over 2018, we're excited for 'Rose to start working with the players and playing alongside them in tournament too.

As a coach SolidRose will get to the know the team's ambitions / concerns and look for ways to improve and work towards personal goals. 

Phase one saw our integration to the domestic community, gaining and maintaining consistent placements over 2018 and early this year. The new player-coach roles hopes to build on this progess via the more technical aspects found at the higher levels.

Presenting himself professionally alongside a well respected tournament pedigree, we believe SolidRose embodies role model integrity for the community on-lookers and his team-mates.