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ELF | Lockdown League II
ELF | Lockdown League II
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Counter-Stars & Strikes

2019-05-12 15:30:00

We're delighted to introduce our latest CSGO roster, and the first from North America. We have a rich history with Counter-Strike, with teams from all over the world, from Sweden to Brazil. However for one reason or another, USA has been a prominent location we hadn't entered, until now.


Seeing the growth of young talent in the States, we feel now is the time to embark on a new journey with a whole new community and a sizeable one at that.


After shortlisting various teams suited to our ambitions as a developmental, responsive Esports club we were in agreement that this young team, competing in ESEA Advanced for Season 31, is  the one to take forward into our new chapter.



BuckToothBobby (Coach


It's going to be an exciting journey as the team fight through the same division as the likes of CLG Red and CycloneGG - the standard is undoubtedly high but we're confident the team are up to the task.