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X-Gamer Partnership
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X-Gamer Partnership

2019-06-26 14:36:24


Today we are delighted to announce our partnership with X-Gamer™ - one of the leading brands in the focus and energy formula market!

X-Gamer™ is an advanced, effective and innovative energy and focus formula, perfected exclusively for Esports, semi-professional and enthusiast gamers.

This partnership marks the next chapter as we look to work with like-minded brands that share our passion for Esports and have an active interest in creating new and exciting products for the ever-expanding competitive gaming space.


'We've seen the growth of X-Gamer™ for the past few years and we've been nothing short of impressed during that time. From sponsoring competitive tournaments to running generous giveaways, it's clear that community comes first with this company and that ultimately compels us to form this exciting working relationship.' - Mike Reynolds, CEO



Zomberry is just one of the uniquely delicious flavours that X-Gamer™ have cooked up.


With our track record for reinventing ourselves time and again in various titles across the Esports world - we're excited to introduce new audiences to X-Gamer™.


'We are extremely happy with this partnership, to me, RIZE is so much more than just your average Esports team and we are looking forward to work with them, especially when it comes to such an exciting game and space as Tekken 7. Look for big things in the future!' - Diogo, Marketing Director at X-Gamer