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Florpad Partnership
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Florpad Partnership

2019-06-27 12:05:52



Today we are thrilled to have partnered with another brand of the Irootfor AB family, Florpad™. A wholly unique product that stands out amongst the best ideas in modern gaming culture and a platform every gaming chair deserves.



With Supagrip® technology that keeps the mat firmly locked to the floor while you roll across it. Strong enough to withstand heavy chair pressure to protect scratching floor surfaces while still providing a smooth gliding surface.


The smart surface tech dampens the noise of gliding wheels and repels water, making it fluid proof and noise cancelling. All of this, with amazing design. That’s what we call the ultimate floor mat, Florpad™!

Florpad™ should serve as a steady ground for every gaming chair in the world, so people can protect their floor with style and comfort.


'Florpad™ is one of those brilliant products that you didn't know you needed until you try it. If you're anything like me, on a wooden floor, stability can be a real issue when you have a gaming chair. Florpad™ is a perfect solution to that but also a stylish one.' - Noxual, Community Manager.

Our partnership with Florpad™ showcases our allegiance to innovation and forward thinking, and with a brand such as this, there's no disputing the vision of either brand. We'll be bringing you unboxing videos of these products, so watch out for those when they drop!