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ATHENA Division

2019-07-23 10:44:05

At RIZE we dedicate our ethos' to projects with unique goals and ideas. You may be already familiar with;


UNITY - Community-centric division housing content-creator players and grassroots.
EDGE - Unique rosters based on alternative and upcoming Esport titles.


We'd like to introduce our next project: ATHENA.


One of our core missions within the club is to ensure diversity throughout its rosters. Talent exists in all forms and we are firm believers that given the right platform EVERYONE can grow in Esports.


Women in Esport have been thriving as of late, especially in AAA titles such as CS:GO. In the Fight Gaming Community (FGC), the presence and personalities of strong women have existed throughout its lifetime; something to be expected in a varied environment that the FGC already is when compared with other communities.



We feel that nurturing this quality should gain more importance, as the closer we get to bridging the two worlds of modern Esport and traditions of the FGC.


That is why we came up with ATHENA - a project designed to bring focus on the true talents of Women competitors within fighting games, and ensure that as Esports and the FGC nears to fully embracing one another, these values are part of that journey.


We will be looking at bringing in three competitive players from either Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, Mortal Kombat 11 and Street Fighter V:AE as part of ATHENA's vision. 


Stand by for updates over the next month as we work towards completing the first phase of ATHENA and compiling a strong Women's roster to lead the project toward the future.