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Support Admins Wanted
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Support Admins Wanted

2016-05-18 19:18:39

Rize is growing. We've been looking at various avenues in which to give back to the scenes that brought us to where we are now; and to do that we need more help.

We’re looking for community-driven candidates to expand their eSport résumé by becoming our latest Support Admins. With our expansion project in full-flow our support system has been upgraded likewise.

Implementing a ticket system into our website, players, captains and coaches can submit support request tickets that are alerted to the Support Admins. These tickets can be viewed by staff and actioned by an appropriate agent.

Problem solving skills will prove vital in addition to basic gaming-club essentials (entry Photoshop, Google Sheets, league websites, TweetDeck.) In one ticket you could be creating Stream graphics for a player, and in another searching for relevant scrim-partners in another.

We are excited to roll out a whole new project this year and with a solid support base we aim to meet our own expectations and more. You can be part of that.

Resume items you will achieve whilst in this role:

Working with a ticket system [Globally valid]
Administrative experience within an eSport club
Project Development experience within an eSport club

Management and Staff are a key component within Rize, we are interested in bringing out the best qualities of an individual and allowing a career pathway in eSport to pave itself organically.

If this sounds like a job for you, please apply via Examples of previous work appreciated.