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Cobelcog at Stunfest this weekend!
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Cobelcog at Stunfest this weekend!

(Event Date: 2016-05-21)
2016-05-19 13:30:27

Cobelcog takes a running jump into the world of Capcom Pro Tour this weekend as he ventures to Rennes, France for the Premier event Stunfest. This marks the first Premier SFV event in Europe for the Northern Irish Cammy cognoscente. 




The tournaments Premier standing in the Pro Tour schedule will undoubtedly draw the big names amongst the fighting scene thus a stern test for our man. Building a respectable fanbase through his streaming exploits (twitch.tv/cobelcog), he won't be short of support when on fight duty from Friday.


In the build-up to the tournament Chris / Cobelcog fielded himself in two Irish tournaments post Hypespotting, earning gold in both for a successful Stunfest training camp. Be sure to check out twitter over the weekend @RizeGaming_org and @Cobelcog for the latest information of the tournament.

As always, hit the track button on the article (logged in users) to set a reminder for an unmissable event.



Cobelcog finished 3rd (of 64) in Pool A only losing to FGC veteran GamerBee both times. Overall out of 512 competitors he placed 17th. Well

by  HULK GG2016-05-22 10:57:56