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New Website Live! (Beta)
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New Website Live! (Beta)

2016-01-30 01:04:07

It's taken little over a month but the new website (albeit BETA model) is now live. We wanted to bring fans and members alike closer together in a more effective and solid environment. The usual trimmings are all there as expected, however some unique flourishes we designed to ensure everyone has a reason to return.


New Features


+ Steam login is now available, using Steam's own API meaning you are taken to the official site and redirected to ours, where you comment on articles directly.


+ News items related to Events are now flagged and fans are able to track the event by adding it to their watchlist on the userpanel to the right. On the day of an event, expect to see the green flashing calendar appearing at the top right of your screen.


+ XP is earned by completing actions on the site. Each time you log in, post a comment (not steam), or update your profile for the first time you will gain XP. Your XP total will be available to see from your userpanel and we will select users with high XP to be upgraded to Community Member where further features are available. In the future, XP will play a part in rewarding fans and staff for their contributions to the site by unlocking discount codes and other rewards.


+ Team members now have a corresponding icon next to their name, bringing a focus to ROLES within the team. We've been fairly creative where we can but you will notice some are directly from the game itself.


+ Given our promise to involve ourselves more in the world of streaming, the Live Streaming tab at the top of the page will list all the channels of our players and staff. With the launch of our new Sunday Night ShowMatch next month, you can expect to see the official channel in action soon.


+ Organising our data. Our Awards, News, Blogs are now all itemised properly and searchable from each of their pages. Want to find an award specific to Infexious? Just type in his name and it will show just that. Or perhaps you want to see only the 1st place awards - that’s possible too. With the streamlining process of our data we've never been more accessible.

A lot of love went into the website despite probably a lot of tears. We hope you enjoy visiting as we continue to improve it. This is still a Beta, (v1.1 in fact) and we are committed to making things even more impressive by the time we announce it an official version.


Many regards,



Hope you all like it!

by  grillzeE2016-01-29 23:50:44