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The Infexious Dream

(Event Date: 2016-06-18)
2016-06-18 16:31:25

Infexious makes his long anticipated Capcom Pro Tour comeback today at the legendary Dreamhack Summer tournament in Jonkoping, Sweden. The Manchester man made his mark in ULTRA Street Fighter IV as the undisputed best Hugo player in the world. The standout moment in Infexious' career was when he snatched Top3 by defeating Japanese legend Tokido in FFM Rumble 8 - CPT Premier event.


With the release of Street Fighter V Infexious took his time in selecting a viable replacement to his Hugo character that is no longer part of the roster. Expectation levels rose to sweltering heights in a purportedly obvious Birdie choice. However within the weeks of numerous Zangief veterans dropping their long-term selection, Infexious saw potential in the character not many were willing risk and took to the online ranked matches to showcase hid findings. Reaching Top 50 in the world online ranking and Super Platinum as standard, Infexious launched his twitch stream ( to broadcast his thoughts along with his tech.


It wasn't just a change of character though, the fightstick has also been dropped in favour of his gamepad roots, enabling a more travel-light experience to free up further concentration time.


[watch the event unfold live]


Warming up at the local event held by GAME Trafford in Manchester, Infexious picked up 2nd place to the excellent Necalli player Jiji. Today he puts all his lab and casual time to the test in the highest setting - we are all eager to find out.