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Multiplay Gaming Arena

(Event Date: 2016-07-07)
2016-06-30 19:23:44

We're delighted to announce that we've teamed up with GAME Trafford and Multiplay Manchester to bring exciting eSport tournaments and other gaming events throughout the calendar year! The GAME retailer in the Trafford Centre have put a lot of energy into applying an eSport focused element for everyone to enjoy. Constructed by Multiplay, the Manchester Gaming Arena sits above the shop-floor with a unique gaming atmosphere that no other GAME store has brought before.


We hope to bring our very own Rize League to this venue across a number of different games in which we compete. Manchester is the birthplace of RizeGaming and is held in a very dear place in the heart of the club. It is with an abundance of pride that we bring the worldwide success we have enjoyed back home to doorstep.


The launch of this exciting new movement is on the Thursday 7th of July, leading into Saturday 10th. You can expect to see representatives and players from Rize during the course. Come down and get involved and keep an eye out for future events that will be brought to you in the coming weeks and months.


Games you can expect: 


  • Overwatch. – competitive vs
  • CS:GO. – competitive vs
  • Street Fighter V.  - tournament
  • League of Legends. – competitive vs
  • Halo. – competitive vs
  • FIFA16/PES16. – tournament/knockout/vs
  • Rocket League. - Tournament/vs
  • Mario Kart. - tournament
  • Smash Bros. – tournament/vs
  • Mario/Sonic Olympic Games 2016. – vs
  • Minecraft. – open play
  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – open play
  • Arcade Machines


Follow the event runners on Twitter: @GAMETrafford