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Social Media Activity
2016-05-20 21:01:41

Hi all,

We've not been as proactive as of late with our social media activity. By this I do not mean Twitter or Facebook, but more our content on our Youtube and Twitch. Myself and Nabs have decided to take it upon ourselves to begin the drive in increasing this activity and start conversing with our fans more via these platforms. We are still deciding what to do regarding the Twitch schedule and I will post an updated blog as soon as we make a decision. Regarding Youtube we have devised a schedule that we will stick closely to every week and provide an upload on the following days. 



  • Monday evening ~9pm GMT.
  • Thursday evening ~9pm GMT.


Obviously this is not limited to one video, it is a possibility we could upload more depending on whether we feel the content is valuable and of values to our viewership. We hope that you can help us grow by subscribing and telling your friends about our channel. We are also interested in helping you. We will be running monthly giveaways via our Twitter, so ensure that you follow us to stay in the loop.


Also, we are on the lookout for active streamers and Youtubers to sit alongside our array of players that want a platform to assist with their growth - by this I mean from a management, graphics and website blogging system as well as more to assist your needs. If you want to discuss this again drop us a message on twitter and we will envisage to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading, check out our latest video of me playing through a section of the DOOM campaign, Will post again soon.