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Management & Staff
Mike, 80s kid, Ex-Tier2 CSS & CSGO player. CEO of @RizeGamingPro - passion for new business. Esport community contributor in Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Street Fighter Series. Currently playing Overwatch.
There's a new sheriff in town...
I am currently the Chief American Officer for Rize Gaming/
Video game lover, goofball extraordinaire and 80s kid. Player and Streamer for Rize Hearthstone
I have 3 passions. Eating, gaming and taking photo's! Always down to do any of the three, send a invite and ill be headed over with a fork, camera or my controller!
I'm an ex CS 1.6 Professional player, unfortunately work got in the way of staying with that as well as family life so I now contribute to Rize in the hope of still enjoying the super competitive environment but without the huge time commitment. I'm st
Graphic designer & owner at Avartde.